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Step-by-step express course from the CryptoRobotics expert team
Within 14 days from scratch in plain language
You'll learn and implement the essentials of crypto:
What bitcoin, blockchain, DeFi, NFT are
How to buy and sell
Passive income options
*For beginners who are away from the IT world
How to create a wallet and store your crypto securely
No complicated services, personal accounts, or boring webinars
If you have any questions - ask them directly on the platform
Our experts and support service will help you resolve any question
This format will help you not to forget about your studies and learn something new over and over again at any convenient place: at home, on vacation, at work, on the road

Video lessons of 10 minutes and easy practical tasks

Assignments will allow you not just to "listen and forget", but to consolidate the theory and get a significant result
You don't have to perform practical tasks, but they include all the most delicious - and they take only a couple of minutes to complete
The evolution of money itself to naturally find a solution to these issues in the form of crypto

What's the Express Course About?

That said, we all want
Banks and international companies are beginning to play by their own unpredictable rules, which are changing every day
Ordinary "paper" money and even the possibility to pay for common goods, services and trips are losing their value due to sanctions and restrictions

Every year new technologies are emerging in the global financial system, which are changing the way we perceive economics
In this express course you will understand without complicated terms and unnecessary water that
Using bitcoin is no more difficult than using dollars in an online bank
Your crypto capital will always be safe from scammers and hackers if you follow a few simple rules
Investing in profitable crypto projects is as easy as buying an ordinary stock - in a couple of clicks
Transferring digital money is as easy as from a usual card to a card
To be able to easily transfer any amount to family and friends without robbery commissions
To be the only ones with access to our money 24/7 with no restrictions, regardless of geography or politics
Our savings to travel with us around the world and be accepted in any city or country

We have created our express course for those who

Want to get to grips with a popular topic simply and quickly
to help others with it and always be the center of interest of any company
Plan to create additional income from scratch by investing
in growing crypto-assets even with a minimal budget of $ 100
Already have a classic investment portfolio
and is thinking of adding another instrument with a potential profitability of +20% to +500% per annum
Intend to protect their savings
from crisis, sanctions, skyrocketing inflation and an unreliable banking system. Regardless of country of residence

Dozens of cryptocurrencies are emerging every month, skyrocketing by thousands of %

+ 15 057 %
+ 1 764 %
+ 14 242 %
for 2023
for 2023
for 2023
You'll be able to find ones

Course expert

COO at CryptoRobotics, an international crypto platform
Chief Development and Promotion Officer of DEROBO cryptocurrency
Speaker of crypto forums in Germany, England, Russia and other countries
Adviser at Cardex, the largest cryptocurrency buy/sell service in the world
Ex-Marketing Executive at Korston, the largest hotel and entertainment complex in Russia
Has created together with Cryptorobotics team 6 sources of passive income on crypto with AI trading bots, copytrading, signals, autofollowing and other tools
Alina Sattarova

Training program

Cryptocurrency is money, isn’t it?
Lesson 1
Lesson 8
Binance: create an account and get verified
DeFi: Anonymous decentralized exchanges UniSwap and PancakeSwap. Create a decentralized MetaMask wallet
Lesson 13
DeFi: Passive income in a few clicks: staking, farming, liquidity pools
Lesson 14
Lesson 5
Profitable purchase, sell and sending of crypto
Lesson 12
Signals from professional analysts. How to copy the trades of master traders on the CryptoRobotics platform
Lesson 1
Create your first TrustWallet in 3 minutes

Lesson 7
Getting crypto for free on Airdrop
Lesson 9
Depositing and withdrawing money to exchange, fast exchange and purchase of crypto
Lesson 4
14 digital security rules: How not to fall among scammers
Complicated blockchain in simple words
Lesson 2
Lesson 6
How to use your crypto assets: storing, investing, trading
Lesson 10
Selection and express analysis of cryptocurrencies for investing and trading in the news and special services
Lesson 11
Profitable trading without trading knowledge. Automated trading with robots and other CryptoRobotics tools
Gift: CryptoRobotics “Expert Pro”
Gift: CryptoRobotics “Expert Pro”
Get signals and copy trades of successful traders automatically
Get profits like a professional trader in one click. You only have to decide whether to buy/sell crypto on your own using signals, or order the system to automatically repeat the actions of a top expert
Passive income 24/7 without knowledge and experience on bots with artificial intelligence
The best trading robots for the 14 most popular exchanges. Smart algorithms based on technical analysis make profit on both rising and falling markets. Robots have an advanced risk management system to keep your losses close to zero
You'll get free Expert PRO premium access to CryptoRobotics automated crypto trading platform for $79 as part of your training
Bonus from $79

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14 modules with video lessons and practical assignments
Eternal access to all materials after training
PDF set of checklists, manuals and cheat sheets
Bonus: 30 days of FREE use of the CryptoRobotics platform on the premium Expert Pro plan
Bonus: Overview of the top 10 most promising cryptocurrencies in 2023
Certificate of completion
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and your thirst for knowledge

How to join and what to do next?

Step 3
Register on CryptoRobotics platform
Step 2
Step 4
Start training!
Study the video tutorials
Complete practical assignments
Consolidate your knowledge with mini-tests in the end of each lesson
Go to "Knowledgebase", then to "Crypto Academy" section
Step 1
Click the "Join" button

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't understand anything at all, because I am far from programmers and hackers?
In fact, the topic of cryptocurrencies is not as complicated as it seems. Our express course is created for total beginners in the digital technology sphere. Each lesson consists of clear examples in plain language, and step-by-step assignments are definitely helpful for mastering the skills in practice.
You just need to repeat the steps "one-two-three" and enjoy the results.
How much time will it take me to learn?
14 video lessons of 10-15 minutes each + a few simple 5-10 minute assignments, and a final test to help consolidate your knowledge. You might need less or more time - it's all individual.
How long does the course last?
Mentors will not keep track of whether you have completed the assignments or not. It's all up to your conscious desire to develop.
Each task is aimed at achieving a specific goal - to create a wallet and understand where to find promising coins. Assignments have no right and wrong solutions, so there is no need to check them.
The course is initially scheduled for 14-20 days. You will have perpetual access to the course materials.
Do you check the assignments?
Yes, of course. Both the course author and the mentors will read your questions for the lessons, so you can ask them in the "Support" section at the top of the platform menu. No question will stay unanswered.
Can I communicate with the mentors?
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